Breakfast Bomb  scrambled eggs, cheddar, Carvemaster ham, brioche bun  $5.50

Avocado Toast  pickled onions, fried egg, chili pepper, multigrain toast  $5.50

The Chicken & the Egg  fried chicken, egg sunny side up, hot honey drizzle, potato bun  $6.00

Pancakes & Bacon  maple syrup, powdered sugar  $6.00

Eggs Any Style  choice of Carvemaster ham, applewood bacon, sausage, or scrapple, breakfast potatoes, Pullman toast  $5.50

Breakfast Bowl  HB eggs, arugula, quinoa sweet potato mix, cilantro oil  $5.75

EK Parfait  Greek yogurt, house made granola, seasonal fruit  $3.75

Salads & Soup

Kitchen Salad  baby lettuce, avocado, grape tomato, cucumber, cilantro lime vinaigrette  $6.95   Add roast chicken or fried chicken breast  $2.50

Rocket  arugula, roasted beets, goat cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic vinaigrette  $7.95   Add roast chicken or fried chicken breast  $2.50

Eastport Cobb  romaine, applewood bacon, roast chicken, HB egg, blue cheese, avocado, tomato, herb-buttermilk dressing  $10.50

Salmon Salad  spinach, green beans, HB egg, potatoes, tomatoes, Grainy mustard vinaigrette $12.95

Southwest Lunch Bowl  black bean quinoa mix, spiced & diced chicken, spinach, tomato, cilantro vinaigrette, lime yogurt, corn nuts  $8.95

Maryland Crab Soup  $5.50

Soup Of The Day  $5.50


Stonehorse roast beef, cheddar, arugula, pickled onions, horseradish mayo, sesame bun  $8.95

Jack Stamerro  capicola, salami, pepperoni, provolone, arugula, banana peppers, basil oil, sub roll  $8.95

J.G.L. roast pork, rapini, provolone, garlic aioli, sesame bun  $8.50

Gosblee Banh Mi seared pork sausage, cucumbers, pickled carrots & daikon, cilantro, chicken liver mousse, toasted roll  $8.95

Eastportorican  Carvemaster ham, roast pork, gruyere, dill pickles, dijon, mayo, toasted roll  $8.50

Binky  roast turkey, avocado, lettuce, Sriracha mayo, toasted sourdough  $8.50

Twenty-Three  fried chicken breast, bread & butter pickles, dijon, mayo, butter lettuce, potato bun  $8.00

You’re My Boy Blue  fried blue catfish, red cabbage slaw, lettuce, kitchen sauce, potato bun $8.95

Grilled Cheese  cheddar, gruyere, sourdough  $5.50   Add applewood bacon or Carvemaster ham for $1.50 each   Add tomato 50¢   Add avocado 75¢

Daisy  roasted beets, HB egg, arugula, pickled onion, avocado, herb cheese spread, toasted multigrain  $8.00

Seabiscuit  shrimp, mayo, celery, old bay, lettuce, pickled cucumber, brioche bun  $8.50

Foghorn  curry-roasted pulled chicken, mayo, raisins, celery, sliced almonds, lettuce, multigrain  $8.00


Kitchen Burger  cheddar, applewood bacon, bread & butter pickles, lettuce, kitchen sauce, brioche bun  $9.50   Add egg $1.00

Your Way  choice of cheddar, provolone or gruyere, potato bun  $8.95   Add lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, kitchen sauce (n/c)   Add applewood bacon or egg $1.00

Bongo Burger Melt  avocado, queso fresco, red onion, cilantro,
chipotle mayo, sourdough  $10.00

Veg Burger  beet and black bean burger, tzatziki, pickled carrots,
lettuce, sesame bun  $8.50

Add Kimchi to any sandwich or burger, $1.00


Hand Cut Fries  $2.95

Kale Slaw shredded kale, carrots, apples, sliced almonds, dijon dressing  $2.75

Pasta Salad  $2.75

Seasonal Veg   $2.75


Assorted Cookies $1.00

Liz’s Seasonal Hand Pie $2.75

Black Bottom $2.75


Iced Tea, Kitchenade, Hot Tea, and our Grab n’ Box for assortment of beverages

We also serve beer and wine


(includes a side)  $5.50

Little Burger

Hot Dog

Grilled Cheese

Chicken Fingers (Gluten free)